Modernized songs of the Carpenters with smooth vocals

author: Rodney and the Reviewer Team

With the fittingly titled “Dedicated,” David Cahalan pays tribute to the music of The Carpenters, for whom he is a former background singer. He modernizes each tune with his melodic, individual style, breathing new life into the original while making it his own. He opens the set with the familiar “Hurting Each Other,” updating the standard tune with his modern style of pop. He gives the classic “Close To You” a contemporary flair with a bright, bouncing groove, and smooth lead and background vocals. His version of “For All We Know” is a touching ballad, featuring soulful vocals by Cahalan and a shimmering soprano sax melody. His rendition of “Superstar” features a great horn section and a brilliant string arrangement. “Bless the Beasts and the Children” is a wonderful duet, with Cahalan and his female counterpart in fine form. With “Dedicated,” David Cahalan pays a suitable and proper tribute to truly great songs that were sung by Karen Carpenter. This is surely an album that all Carpenters’ fans will appreciate.
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